New York Mets: Curtis Granderson Uneventful in Debut; Time To Worry?

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Curtis Granderson
Elsa/Staff (Getty Images)

The New York Mets had a grand opportunity to make a statement that their mindset has changed as they set their goal for 90 wins this season. During the offseason, the Mets spent some money to bolster their team, highlighted by the big acquisition of outfielder Curtis Granderson. Switching New York teams, Granderson was excited to play with guys like David Wright, Eric Young Jr. and the rest of the team. The plan was since he’s a naturally good hitter, he would be a solid piece of the Mets’ outfield who provided good defense and be an RBI machine. One game in, rather, one loss in, Granderson didn’t live up to any of that hype.

Going 0-for-3 in his at-bats, many expected him to at least get a hit or do what he was brought in to do — bat in some runs. Unfortunately, he did neither since the Mets did indeed lose their opening day game to the Washington Nationals with a score of 9-7. Even in extra innings, the Mets couldn’t close this game despite having the lead majority of the time. Perhaps if Granderson contributed offensively, the outcome might have been very different. The Mets still boast one of the best opening day winning averages in all of baseball. Too bad that wasn’t the case today.

Is it time to worry that the Granderson signing has Jason Bay written all over it again where the Mets once again sign a player coming off a contract season only to find them decline each year once they come to the team?

No, not at all.

Granderson is one of those kind of players that once he gets hot and starts to hit the ball like he is known to, he will start making his own kind of streaks. Hitting streaks are his thing so his performance earlier today could be chalked up to the jitters of opening day. Maybe he was genuinely nervous debuting for a brand new team for the first time in his career and he just needs time to settle in. Once he finds his rhythm, he should make a huge impact on the team.

It may take Granderson a few days to calm down if that’s the case, but once he gets his first hit or even his first home run at Citi Field, they can start working toward those 90 wins for real.

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