Opening Day 2014: Chicago Cubs Make History, Lose in Typical Fashion

By Andrew Fisher
Chicago Cubs
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

That didn’t take long. To the surprise of no one, the Chicago Cubs already have a losing recording in 2014.

How did they accomplish this? By failing to score a run on Opening Day against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But don’t worry Cubs fans, the team did make history. No, it wasn’t for anything they did on the field. The history-making came in the form of a challenge. The Cubs became the first team to challenge a call in MLB‘s inaugural review-friendly season.

In typical Cubs fashion, they lost that too.

Let’s be clear — there are absolutely no expectations for this Chicago team. No one has them doing anything besides piling up a ton of losses yet again in 2014. However, this loss won’t stop fans from getting that sickening here we go again feeling.

The Cubs just couldn’t push a runner across the plate on Opening Day. In total, they went 0-11 with RISP. 0-11! There is no world where that’s going to cut it.

Sure, it’s just one game. But in a season where little is expected to go right, Cubs fans were just hoping for a sliver of happiness. A win on Opening Day can really make a fan base feel great. Fans tend to forget about the horrible outlook the rest of the way, and at least for one night, they get to go to bed happy. It just wasn’t in the cards for this year’s version of the Lovable Losers.

If you’re a fan looking for a positive to take out of the Cubs loss in the opener, look no further than the great day had by the team’s pitching staff. Well, except for one pitch from Carlos Villanueva in the bottom of the 10th.


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