With No Other Choice, Milwaukee Brewers Fans Embrace Ryan Braun

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Bruan
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It’s not often that convicted cheaters get standing ovations in sports. But that’s exactly what Ryan Braun got on Opening Day 2014.

In his first game back since being banned for 65 games in 2013, Braun was greeted by basically nothing but cheers from Milwaukee Brewers fans in attendance at Miller Park on Opening Day.

This was the scene before his first at bat of the season on Monday afternoon:

The at bat ended in a pop out. 

Obviously, we know that not every Brewers fan is on board with Braun. But for the most part, it seems like he’s going to get nothing but support from his team’s fans. Why? They really have no other choice. They’re stuck with the (former) cheating outfielder and his contract for at least two more seasons.

There would be no point in booing or not embracing Braun at this point. What’s done is done, and all anyone can do is move forward. It seems wrong that a cheater got a standing ovation in his first game back, but it’s really not surprising.

You do have to give Braun some credit. He’s trying to keep his head up through this whole thing and move on with his life/career.

He does have a solid chance to prove doubters wrong in 2014. If he can come out and hit 30 home runs and drive in 100, he’ll prove that he’s solid without PEDs. Not many get that chance, and even fewer put up those kind of numbers, post-PEDs.

However, just wait until Braun’s first at bat on the road this year. All those boos that he didn’t get in Milwaukee, will come back around in a big way.


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