Jonny Gomes Wears Amazing American Flag Blazer to Meet President Obama

By Andrew Fisher
Jonny Gomes
David Richard-USA Today Sports

After winning the World Series last fall, it was time for the Boston Red Sox to make their visit to the White House on Tuesday. It’s a tradition for many championship teams, and for some, it’s considered a once in a lifetime experience.

Jonny Gomes apparently wanted to make an impression on President Obama:

Jonny Gomes

Possibly the greatest blazer in American history.

For as cheesy as that thing looks, it really looks pretty good on him. It’s loud, but not quite Craig Sager loud. Plus, who can really hate on a guy for loving and supporting his country? I’ll tell you who — terrorists. If you don’t like Gomes’ blazer on some level, you might be one…

As for the Red Sox, they’ve now started their journey back to the top. Although the franchise has broken through over the last decade by winning three WS titles, it still hasn’t won back-to-back. That’s where the bar is at right now in Boston. For years, it was all about erasing the curse of the Bambino. Now, it’s about staying on top and stringing together multiple titles.

Clearly, the Red Sox have come along way over the past decade. I say, good for them. Baseball as a whole is better when teams like the Bo Sox are at, or near, the top. Because although they have tons of supporters, there’s usually close to an equal amount of haters. It’s these polarizing franchises that really drive up interest in the game of baseball.

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