Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Roller-Coaster Continues on Against San Diego Padres

By Jason Cooper
Dodgers Yasiel Puig
Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been on a roller coaster of sorts since right-fielder Yasiel Puig was called up from the minors in June of 2013. To say it’s been a wild ride would be an understatement in this situation.

Just like a roller coaster, there have been some ups and downs, some excitement, some fear and even some moments that make you feel sick.

A Puig up would be considered a time when he launches a pitch into the outfield stands, and a Puig down could be considered in one of those moments when he misses the cut-off man in a crucial situation.

The excitement might come from Puig throwing a strike from the outfield to nail a runner at the plate while the fear could be from seeing him crash into an outfield wall and get up off the ground in visible pain. Seeing him make very confusing and questionable base-running decisions could most definitely classify as a sick to your stomach moment.

Puig has shown a little bit of all of his roller coaster characteristics so far in 2014. He had a down moment in game one when he went 0-for-5 with three strikeouts, followed by an up moment, mixed with some stomach sickness and fear in game two — when he went 3-for-5 but had a huge base-running mistake and left the game with an injury.

After a highly-publicized team meeting about his performance, game three saw Puig back on the down side of things when he went 0-for-3 in the game and the roller coaster continued right on into Tuesday’s 3-2 win against the San Diego Padres, but fortunately for the Dodgers — Puig definitely had an up performance.

After Carl Crawford led off the top of the first with a single, Puig stepped in the batter’s box and launched his first home run of the season into the left-field seats, giving the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. He would later single in the contest before finishing 2-for-4 on the day.

Puig’s home run proved to be the difference in the game as the Dodgers barely escaped with a win after allowing the Padres to load the bases in the bottom of the ninth, but closer Kenley Jansen got a strikeout to end the ballgame.

If Dodgers’ fans haven’t noticed by now, it’s going to be a very wild ride this season in Los Angeles in regards to Puig and his development as a player, both physically and mentally. However, with the talent he possesses, I guarantee that there will be more ups and excitement than scariness and stomach sickness, and with that said — my suggestion to you would be to just buckle up and enjoy the 2014 ride.

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