Minnesota Twins Offering Bloody Mary With Cheeseburger 'Garnish'

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Twins
USA Today Sports

MLB teams seem to really be stepping up their concession stand/restaurant game these days. Last week we heard about the $17 full helmet sundae from the Chicago White Sox. This week, it’s all about Bloody Marys in Minneapolis.

Check out the latest and greatest addition to the Minnesota Twins concession stands:

That’s right, this adult beverage comes fully equipped with a bacon cheeseburger garnish. Only in America.

Some people joke that Bloody Marys are like a meal in glass, but with this new version of the ‘drink’ from the Twins, it really is a meal in a glass…sort of.

Personally, I think the garnishes on Bloodys are out of control. Establishments are always trying to outdo each other with creative garnish, and now it’s to the point where people are just literally just putting burgers on a stick and calling it good. I’m not complaining, I’m just asking when is enough, enough?

In addition to the new and improved BMs at Target Field, fans can also try these creative items: a crispy belly bacon sandwich with jalapeno jelly and vinegar slaw, a pork and cream cheese eggroll and buckets of mini meatballs.

It’s safe to say that they’re thinking outside the box up north these days. Good for them. But for crying out loud, stop using the phrase: Talk About a Home Yum. It doesn’t get any lamer than that.

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