MLB Opening Day Overreaction: Introducing Your 2014 World Series Champion Miami Marlins

By Cody Williams
Jose Fernandez
Getty Images

Fire-sale after fire-sale, bad management decision after bad management decision, a severe lack of talent on the roster and you kept doubting the Miami Marlins. Now here they are on MLB Opening Day 2014 and they’re going to make you all look like fools for not believing in them.

The Marlins came out and shellacked the Colorado Rockies on Monday. It wasn’t even close. Jose Fernandez was dealing like a cheat-code in a video game, striking out nine in six innings of five-hit, one-earned-run work. On top of that, Miami was putting baseballs all over the park with the lumber as they put up 10 runs on 14 hits and two walks.

Miami is bound for the World Series right now and there’s no real argument against it. Christian Yelich is a superstar in the making, Giancarlo Stanton crushes baseball like a jock in a bad teen movie does with beer cans on his forehead, and Fernandez is there in the rotation ready to strike out anyone who dares to step into the batter’s box while he’s on the rubber.

You might ask where the depth is on this team, whether the young players can sustain their success, and if they can do this against a pitcher much better than Jorge De La Rosa. My answer is simple: you can’t fight destiny. There’s no way a team that has been through the lows that the Marlins have weathered in recent years can come out and be as dominant as they were on Opening Day without some divine providence being involved. The 2014 World Series belongs to the Miami Marlins; resistance is futile.

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