2014 Cleveland Indians Tickets: Top 5 Series of the Season

Progressive Field
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The Cleveland Indians surprised a lot of people last season, winning 92 games and earnings a Wild Card playoff spot.  They bring back most of the same pieces from last season and should be a contender in the American League.  They will score plenty of runs and have some talented young pitching and shouldn’t have too many headaches in the bullpen with Chris Perez gone.  The average price for Indians tickets at Progressive Field is $76, which is 15% more than last season.

The New York Yankees come to Cleveland in July for a four-game set, which comes in as the number one selling series this season for the Tribe.  The Derek Jeter farewell tour is hot and there should be plenty of Yankees fans in the house for this post July 4th series.  Both teams should be right in the thick of things in the AL Wild Card race, making this an important four game series halfway through the season.  The average price for Indians vs Yankees tickets is $126, which is 64% above the home average in Cleveland.

Second on the list may surprise people.  It’s an August series against the Houston Astros with an average of $125, which is 63% above the home average.  While the Astros may not be very good, the Indians are featuring some good promotions for this summer weekend series.  Friday features fireworks and $1 hot dogs and Saturday’s promotion is a rare Terry Francona jersey.  America loves free jerseys, hot dogs and fireworks.

The next hot selling series for the Indians is their three-game series to start August against the Texas Rangers.  With the addition of Prince Fielder to the Rangers’ lineup, they should be a force in the AL that competes with the Indians for a Wild Card spot.  Following the trade deadline, both teams could have some new players on the field and the average price for this three-game set is $121, which is 58% above the home average.

August seems to be the best time of the year for baseball at the ballpark as things don’t change when the Cincinnati Reds come to Cleveland for a quick two-game, inter-league series.  It’s the battle for Ohio, which means both the Indians and Reds faithful should pack the building.  The Reds are also a playoff contender, so this series is important for both teams and they will play each other four straight days.  The average price is set at $112, which is 47% above the home average.

The final big seller is yet another series in August when the Baltimore Orioles come to Progressive Field.  The average is at $111, which is just under 46% higher the home average in Cleveland.  The Orioles and Indians should be duking it out for the two Wild Card spots and both teams feature powerful offenses that should be near the league leaders in runs scored.  This weekend series should have plenty of playoff implications in mid-August.