Matt Cain Gives San Francisco Giants Reason To Worry With Lackluster 2014 Debut

By josephscalise
Matt Cain
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some days as a pitcher, you have all of the right stuff. Your fastballs are fast, your sliders are down in the zone and curveballs break and twist with an almost ballerina-like grace. Against the opposing Arizona DiamondbacksMatt Cain did not have one of those starts.

Coming off a rather disappointing 8-10 year, the San Francisco Giants are no doubt hoping their once ace starter will return to his old form. However, his 2014 debut was not a showing of that, but rather more of the same. After the Giants put up four runs in the first inning, what promised to be a smooth outing quickly turned sour.

Cain gave up two runs in the bottom of the first, coming off a Paul Goldschmidt double and a Martin Prado single. His control seemed to be off in  the outing, and he could not get his pitches where he wanted them to go. Not only did Cain fail to keep control, but he left the game after five innings pitched — not a strong outing, and not the hopeful start the Giants were looking for.

Cain’s outing against the Diamondbacks may not be the end-all for the pitcher, but it was not good news. Some could argue that three runs over five innings, while not spectacular, is a solid performance. That is true. However, what makes Cain’s outing so disappointing is he also allowed seven hits over those five innings. Hitters were seeing his pitches and able to connect.

There is a silver lining in that Cain only allowed two walks, but the Giants are going to need more from him if they want to make up for there poor season last year. It is just one start, and maybe Cain will improve, but fans should expect more.

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