Randal Grichuk: More Edmonds DNA in The St. Louis Cardinals Farm System

By Todd Bennett
Jamie Squire – Getty Images

You might not have heard of one Randal Grichuk, and that is fine by him. But you have surely heard of Jim Edmonds, if you enjoy baseball at all. Edmonds was traded from the Anaheim Angels to the St. Louis Cardinals in 2000. Later on, in 2007, Edmonds would be traded to the San Diego Padres for David Freese, hero of the 2011 World Series. And further down the line, now some 13 years after the original trade, the Cardinals and Angels once again lined up when Freese was traded back to the Cardinals as part as what is mainly known as the Peter Bourjos trade. But wait, there’s more, much more in fact. Another part of the trade was a the 24th selection in the 2009 draft, Grichuk, a powerful outfield prospect with a big bat but average arm. But the bat is big. So big in fact, in the past two seasons, culminating at AA Springfield, he has hit 40 home runs and displayed a newly found sense of plate discipline, and most excitingly, the ability to hit to all fields. The latter development alone vaults Grichuk into the top tier of Cardinal prospects. Due to his work ethic, he has overcome various nagging injuries to be in position to see a call-up later in the season. Perhaps the reason why you have not heard of Grichuk is because of who you have heard of, Mike Trout, his former fellow farmhand. Trout, is well, quite the catch (pun intended), but Grichuk is no slouch, and his developing power tool (always thought to be a plus), is turning heads in the Cardinal organization. With a glut of talented prospects, the possibility exists that the Cardinals could elect to move him to solve as yet unknown needs midseason, but the early line is he is a Gateway City keeper, and one that could someday soon see his name in manager Mike Matheny‘s lineup card on a regular basis. Some trades are forgotten, and others have a far reaching impact. The 2000 Edmonds trade seems to have a bloodline that has helped to deliver four pennants, two World Series victories, and numerous profitable prospects. Grichuk seems to be the next in that line, and seems more likely than ever to make his “ancestors” quite proud indeed. This baby Redbird is about to spread his wings.

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