Scott Kazmir’s Performance Proves Oakland Athletics' Pitching Staff Is As Strong As Ever

By josephscalise
Scott Kazmir
Gary A Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the ups and downs of the small market, there has always been one thing that has been true for the Oakland Athletics: pitching is king.

The offense may not always come through for the A’s, but they are a team that has routinely depended on stellar starters to carry them for the past decade. As things stand so far, it appears that hasn’t changed. Scott Kazmir pitched a phenomenal game against his former Cleveland Indians in part one of a doubleheader this afternoon, shutting out the Indians over 7.1 innings pitched.

Not only that, but he also managed to strike out five and only allowed three hits throughout the day. This, compiled with Sonny Gray‘s stellar performance in the opener (despite the loss), show that the A’s are ready to once again have one of the most dangerous rotations in the league.

While their pitching was very strong during the 2013 season, the A’s parted ways with a couple of their best pitchers (Bartolo Colon and Grant Balfour) during the offseason. That, along with a slew of unfortunate injuries, had many people worried about the state of the A’s rotation this season.

However, so far it appears that the rotation is not only doing well, but they are thriving. Yes, it is a sample size of only two games, but if the A’s can expect this kind of pitching from their front two, then they are no doubt in for a good season. They are still waiting to see how the other starters in the rotation will do, but Kazmir proved his worth today, and the future looks bright.

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