Reliving 5 of Jason Kipnis’ Best Moments With The Cleveland Indians

By Joe Cooper

Reliving 5 of Jason Kipnis’ Best Moments With The Cleveland Indians

Jason Kipnis
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Jason Kipnis’ six-year extension for .2 million ensures the Cleveland Indians will play meaningful baseball for years to come by locking up their young core one member at a time. The next puzzle piece on the Indians' wish-list to extend is right-handed ace Justin Masterson. Until that gets figured out, let’s look back at what Kipnis has been able to accomplish in Wahoo red, white and blue.

5. Jason Kipnis Knocks In a Run In First All-Star Game

A strong first half of 2013 sent Kipnis to the 2013 All-Star Game at Citi Field where he booted a double off of Craig Kimbrel to end the scoring at 3-0. This was likely the first of more All-Star appearances for the 27-year-old.

4. Jason Kipnis Robs Chris Getz Of A Single

Matt Underwood losing it pretty much tells the tale here. Kipnis does a great job of getting back on his feet after a full out extension to end the inning on the road.

3. Jason Kipnis Hits Walk-Off Home Run Against The Seattle Mariners

It’s hard to keep track of all the walk-off wins that have happened against Seattle in the past couple years. Kipnis handed the Tribe two more runs than they needed in extra innings in front of a packed Progressive Field.

2. Jason Kipnis Diving Stop Earns Playoff Berth

It was fitting to see the Indians' All-Star second baseman relay the final out of the regular season to All-Star starting pitcher Justin Masterson. The win ended a five-year playoff drought in Cleveland, earning the top Wild Card spot on the final day of September. Again, Kipnis gets on his feet as fast as anyone in the league.

1. Jason Kipnis' First Big League Hit Is A Walk-off

This play foreshadowed what was to come from the newest member of the Cleveland Indians in 2011. Featuring that Major League glove paired with the backwards tilted bat, Kipnis won over the fanbase before he really even got started. In his second game of his career, the hole at second was his for the taking and Kipnis seized the moment.

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