It's Never Too Early For Houston Astros to Consider Moving Chris Carter

By Josh Sippie
Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports
Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

It’s like a recurring nightmare. Every night you go to bed trying not to think about it in the hopes that it won’t happen, but that just makes you think about it more. This is exactly how it feels with Chris Carter every time he suits up for the Houston Astros. Before each game I think that he won’t strikeout a ridiculous amount of times, but just like that pesky nightmare, it keeps happening. Something has to change.

Here’s the only stat that I need to point out, though rest assured, more are coming. In his Major League career, Chris Carter (875 at-bats) has nearly twice as many strikeouts (346) as hits (187). That seems almost unbelievable, but then again, he did strikeout 212 times last  year alone.

So far this year, the nightmare has continued as he’s struck out in 10 of his 19 at-bats. What is the point of sending this guy out there? Is there really any doubt what he’s going to do? The rare possibility that he connects for a home run cannot possibly vindicate the frustration of seeing his lackadaisical swing whiffing by a foot each time he swings.

I always say there are no guarantees on the Astros, but I stand corrected; there is one guarantee: Carter will strikeout at least once every game. And if he misses a game, he’ll strike out twice the next game to keep pace.

There is no way that his untrained raw power is enough to keep trotting him out there. If he cannot be sent to the minors, then send him somewhere else, because there is no room on a team that’s developing like this for a guy who consistently displays such ineptitude without improvement. I have complete faith in the Astros’ brain trust to do the right thing, but if Carter is still around come May, I may start to question them.

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