Chicago Cubs' Starlin Castro Could Hit 25 HRs This Season

By Jacob Kornhauser
Starlin Castro
Getty Images

Even though the Chicago Cubs lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-6, they saw an encouraging sign out of shortstop Starlin Castro, who is looking to have a bounce back year this season. Castro launched two home runs in the loss and is showing that he may be finally growing into his power.

Initially projected as a possible plus power hitter, Castro didn’t exactly burst onto the scene because of his power. Even though he did hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, that’s where the impressive power ended for Castro. Hope has been held out by Cubs fans for the past few years that Castro would grow into his power, but the fact that he only hit 24 home runs combined over the past two seasons didn’t do much to further encourage fans.

However, Castro’s overall hitting and his power hitting could be on the rise. By hitting two home runs in one game, one fifth of his entire season total from last year, Castro should again be thought of as a potential power threat. There’s no doubt that with his approach at the plate and his bigger build this season that he’s capable of hitting 25 home runs now and in the future.

He already had gap power, so the fact that Castro has shown more power this season shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In the past, he’s been hitting doubles with consistency, so that extra little bit of power is putting those balls that were landing in the gaps into the stands. If he reaches his full potential this season, it should give the Cubs a lot more confidence going forward in their rebuild.

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