Josh Hamilton's Hot Start Ended By Thumb Surgery

By Andrew Fisher
Josh Hamilton
USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Angels are off to an okay start in 2014. Coming off their disappointing 2013 campaign where they failed to make the playoffs after seriously bulking up their payroll and roster, the Angels were really hoping for big things from Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.

Eight games into the new season, things were going as planned for Hamilton. The outfielder was hitting .444 with six RBI and two home runs — but it all came crashing down on Wednesday with the news that he’ll need thumb surgery.

Hamilton has a torn ulnar collateral ligament and surgery will keep him out for six to eight weeks.

If you do the math, worst-case-scenario, he’s still set be back in the first week or two of June. The baseball season is just starting to hit its stride at that point, so all is certainly not lost for the Angels slugger.

The fact that he was doing so well with a bad thumb has to make fans feel a little better going into this operation. If he was hitting for power with a busted thumb, you’d think that he’ll do more of the same upon his return.

But we all know that surgery sets players back, no matter how great they are. Hamilton’s season is now on a major detour. But if it had to happen, it happened at the best time.

The Angels can get by without their star OF in the meantime and if they keep pace in the AL, he’ll be back in plenty of time to help put them over the top come August and September.

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