St. Louis Cardinals' Lance Lynn Continues To Be The Winningest Bad Pitcher In Baseball

By Todd Bennett
Lance Lynn
Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds are 2-6. The team has had poor starts before and gone on to success, but this situation must be painfully frustrating. Frustrating mainly because in two games against the St. Louis Cardinals that Lance Lynn has started, the Reds have vaulted out to 3-0 leads in the first inning, only to see the Cardinals offense awaken and flick aside the Reds’ pitching with a few powerful swings of their red wings.

Lynn, through two games, has shown next to nothing. Possessing no movement of note on his fastball, and not able to find the plate with anything off-speed, he continues to fire 93 mph cheese balls that the hungry Reds hitters are gratefully devouring.

Lynn follows a familiar playbook each time out. First he falls behind in the count, leaving him no choice but to throw his desert flat fastball to mashers like Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. Bruce especially seems to take great joy in the entree that is Lynn, hammering a triple in Tuesday night’s bout, homering and doing his part to locate the missing Malaysian plane by trying to turn a Lynn fastball into a radar device back in Cincinnati.

Lynn does not just give up hits — he gift-wraps slugging percentage. Against Lynn, even the Reds’ speedy but hapless hitting Billy Hamilton contributed a hit and an RBI. Giving up a hit to Billy Hamilton heretofore had seemingly required a pitch to be placed on a tee and letting him swing with a softball bat, but against the generous Lynn, even Alexander Hamilton might have a shot, and he is dead.

Lynn is quite simply, horrible. His mechanics are a constant mess, his pitches are flat, and his mental toughness is questionable. Despite this, Lynn is 2-0 and an ever-present reminder of why one should not solely look at wins and losses when evaluating a pitcher. After watching Lynn perform yet another dumpster fire impersonation, some Cardinal fans are probably evaluating a different kind of pitcher — one filled with beer.

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