Miami Marlins' Garrett Jones To Use Ultimate Warrior Theme Music

By Andrew Fisher
Miami Marlins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Many people across the globe were stunned by Ultimate Warrior‘s untimely death. Just days after taking his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame, Warrior collapsed at an Arizona hotel and died shortly thereafter. His death was so stunning because millions of fans had just seen him on live television less than 24 hours earlier.

Naturally, people are moving on to the mourning phase and others are starting to pay tribute to one of the most important superstars of the late 80s and early 90s. One of those paying tribute is Miami Marlins first baseman Garrett Jones.

After hearing of his favorite childhood wrestler’s passing, Jones made the decision to change his theme music to Ultimate Warrior’s.

“He was my ultimate favorite, for sure. I kind of liked a lot of them, but he was No. 1. I need to get the intro song, and do a little tribute to him. He was fun to watch for me growing up,” said Jones.

Warrior’s theme song is widely considered one of the best in wrestling history. The intensity of the song matched his intensity as he ran to the ring and shook the ropes.

If you’re Jones, this change of walk-up music might be a great idea. It’s impossible to not get a little pumped up while listening to Warrior’s theme, so maybe it’ll be just the ticket for him.

As for the cause of Warrior’s passing, early signs are pointing to a heart attack, but there’s yet to be an official confirmation.


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