Milwaukee Brewers Shouldn’t Waste Time with Possible Kendrys Morales Signing

By Michael Terrill
Kendrys Morales Brewers
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The Milwaukee Brewers have reportedly scouted free-agent first baseman Kendrys Morales recently. As much as I enjoy the enthusiasm from Milwaukee’s management team, the Brewers shouldn’t waste their time with the possibility of signing him.

Milwaukee is believed to be interested in Morales, but the exact amount of interest is unknown. More than likely, the Brewers are simply taking a gander just to see what it is they might be missing. The reality is Mark Reynolds has proven to be more than useful at first base this season, while Lyle Overbay has the ability to emerge as a quality backup.

Adding Morales to the mix, as least as of right now, would only further complicate the situation. Milwaukee has a good thing going for them, which is why there is no reason to add another player to the active roster.

That’s not to say Morales should be completely ignored either. If anything, the Brewers must allow Reynolds and Overbay to give a full effort for another month. If production begins to drop, and Morales is still available, then it might be time to consider signing him. The fact that he could very well be around after the MLB Draft further solidifies that Milwaukee shouldn’t feel rushed to acquire a new player.

Morales batted .277 with 23 home runs, 80 RBI and 34 doubles last season. The power numbers are around the same Reynolds is capable of producing. Unfortunately, Reynolds’ batting average will be worse and he will strike out more. Either way, Reynolds has gotten off to a terrific start for Milwaukee in 2014, which is why the organization must continue to believe in him. That means signing Morales must be put on hold for now.

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