New York Yankees' Michael Pineda Uses What Looks Like Pine Tar To Defeat Boston Red Sox

By Todd Bennett
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If you are old enough, or heck, even if you just like baseball history, you remember the infamous pine tar game. This was a game involving the Kansas City Royals George Brett, ironically, also played against the Yankees. I won’t go into details, except to say that Brett’s reaction had a few in the Bronx probably wondering how the dormant volcano had not been discovered until that point.

Apparently the umpires took notice of the lessons from that incident, because the rules regarding foreign substances have been rarely enforced since. The New York Yankees‘ starter Michael Pineda seems to have taken advantage of this latitude, using what looks like pine tar to great effect in defeating the Boston Red Sox on Thursday night. To the Red Sox’ credit, and perhaps because they do not want to be hypocrites (see: Clay Buchholz), the team passed it off as a non-issue. For Pineda’s part, he passed it off as dirt. This is some fine dirt in Yankee Stadium — glistening, greasy dirt.

Alright Michael, if that is dirt, I suggest ownership immediately start drilling for oil. That is some impressive dirt. Do you mind if I borrow some of that dirt when I take my car for a ten-point checkup? In all seriousness, Pineda managed to hold the slugging Red Sox to just one run in a 4-1 win. The Yankees, now 5-5 on the young season, have been quite resourceful in dealing with age and injuries and now appear to have found some magical dirt with sticky properties that assists pitchers in their efforts to subdue the other team. George Brett must be smiling.

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