Stephen Strasburg Content with Going Straight After Batters

By Michael Terrill
Stephen Strasburg Nationals
Getty Images

The Washington Nationals have high hopes for the 2014 Major League Baseball season, but the only way they are going to be successful is if ace Stephen Strasburg pitches lights out. Unfortunately, that was not the case in his first two starts of the season. The good news is Strasburg saw a fixable flaw in his game, which is why fans can expect to see immediate improvement.

The right-hander talked about how he was trying to “trick” the batters in his starts against the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. He also mentioned that he knows he does not have to be flawless in his performances. Even mistakes can turn out to be a good thing, especially if the hitter swings and misses. The reason why Strasburg was able to be successful against the Miami Marlins Wednesday night is because he understands going straight after batters is how he performs at an All-Star level.

Strasburg went from allowing a combined 10 runs against the Mets and Braves to just one against the Marlins. His 12 strikeouts are also evidence that’s he back on track to producing at a high level.

What makes the 25-year-old’s outing even more exciting is that he accomplished everything he set out to do in the start. Prior to the contest, Strasburg told teammate Ian Desmond that there were certain aspects of his game that he wanted to tweak. The fact that Strasburg executed it perfectly shows just how talented of a player he truly is. That maturity is exactly why he’s capable of winning a Cy Young Award someday.

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