After Latest Blown Save, It's No Wonder Jeff Samardzija Won't Commit to Chicago Cubs

By Jacob Kornhauser
Jeff Samardzija
Getty Images

It’s becoming a story that’s all-too-common. Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija throws a gem and doesn’t get a win. Tonight, he went seven innings allowing just six hits and one earned run, lowering his season ERA to 1.29. Despite that, he will remain 0-1 on the season. Now 0-2 in save situations, closer Jose Veras blew yet another game for the Cubs, raising even more questions about a Cubs bullpen that was supposed to be improved this season.

Samardzija, who has been very vocal about his hesitance to sign a long-term extension with the team, has continually gotten cheated out of wins either by the Cubs’ bullpen blowing leads or the lineup not being able to produce enough runs for “Shark” to get a lead in the first place.

There’s no doubt the beginning of this season has done nothing to convince Samardzija that the future is bright in Chicago. He’s only human and not getting wins when he should is going to take a toll on him. For someone who was already hesitant to re-sign with the team, there’s no doubt Samardzija will be thinking about a future location other than Chicago.

As for the Cubs’ relief pitching woes, the bullpen is 1-for-3 in save situations with setup man Pedro Strop recording the only successful one of the season. It’s very likely that Strop will replace Veras as the team’s closer going forward as the team can’t afford to have many other outings like he had today and has had every time he’s pitched over the season’s first two weeks.

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