David Wright Shows Burning Desire to Win With Ejection

By Luis Tirado Jr.
David Wright Ejected
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David Wright showed some emotion as well as frustration in his latest game with the New York Mets. Being completely outplayed by the Los Angeles Angels, Wright was ejected from the game because he was yelling at a first year umpire who got all the calls wrong. The umpire blatantly calling balls as strikes, Wright was screaming “you’re the worst” at the rookie until he was eventually thrown out of the game. Was it just frustration or could this be a new aggressive version of Wright that the Mets need to see?

It’s hard to rally the troops when you’re down by nine runs at the time of your ejection. It’s even harder when you’re the captain of the team and the game was over before you even finished the first inning. Starting pitcher Bartolo Colon had a horrible day and he was lit up all afternoon long. It’s hard to imagine giving up three straight homers and trying to find the path of redemption afterwards. Perhaps Wright was just furious at the fact that the Mets were playing catch up the entire game and just let it all out at the right moment.

Then again, this is a common problem when you get a first year umpire calling each throw behind the plate inaccurately. Yeah, he’s going to make mistakes but it was nice to see Wright and company put some aggression into their daily routine. Second baseman Daniel Murphy also got ejected because he was fed up at what he was seeing. It’s good to get mad when you see that the odds are not in your favor due to a lack of knowledge by an official. This isn’t the first time it has happened and it won’t be the last. Umpires make mistakes all the time but maybe it was a good thing Wright got ejected.

Looked upon as a “nice guy” in his decade in the majors, it was great to see Wright sharpen his teeth for a change. As a captain, he leads by example and sometimes a fire in your belly goes a long way in salvaging a baseball season. Things aren’t looking too good right now for the Mets and maybe this embarrassing loss to the Angels will ignite more flames across the team.

Play mad, play hard and most importantly, fight for what you believe in. Wright showed all that and more in his latest ejection. Perhaps those around him will learn a thing or two about being upset that you’re losing and actually doing something about it when you see some foul play involved.

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