Milwaukee Brewers' Pitching Will Be Key to 2014 Season

By josephscalise
Wily Peralta
Benn Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals really proved something to the fans in Milwaukee. It proved that, regardless of how strong or weak the Brewers’ hitting is, they are only going to make it into October if their pitching stays strong.

So far the Brewers are off to one of the hottest starts in the MLB, and this is largely due to their amazing pitching staff which has a combined ERA of 2.25. As such, their record should come as no surprise. If there is one rule that has been proven year after year in baseball, it is that pitching wins games.

A team without solid pitching rarely makes it into October. The Brewers are not going to be an exception to this rule. The way things are going for Milwaukee has many fans and analysts cautious, as they also had a strong run last April.

However, this time around the pitching has been beyond excellent, and is the most important factor on the team. Today’s afternoon game gave way to another great pitching performance for the Brewers, and showed why their starting rotation is so important.

Wily Peralta took the mound against the Cardinals, and contributed another great performance for the Brewers. He gave up only one earned run and one walk over six and a third innings, striking out three in that time. He was sharp, and while he did yield six hits, his showing was another example of how strong the Brewers’ pitching is, and has been so far this season.

It still is relatively early on, and the Brewers were hot early last season before falling a part throughout the year, but as of right now, if their pitching stays together, Milwaukee should be a real contender. Peralta’s performance today was just a small example of that.

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