Houston Astros Make Serious Blunder By Sending Down Robbie Grossman

By Josh Sippie
Nick Turchiaro - USA TODAY Sports
Nick Turchiaro – USA TODAY Sports

There are less than a handful of guys on the Houston Astros who aren’t sputtering offensively. The gross majority of their everyday lineup is hitting under .200. Any one of those players in that esteemed company can logically be sent down without much question. That being said, the Astros decided it was Robbie Grossman who was worse off and sent him down to make room for George Springer.

While the Springer call-up makes total sense, the Grossman demotion doesn’t. Grossman was hitting no worse than guys like Marc Krauss or everyone’s favorite strikeout kingpin Chris Carter. Sure, Grossman was only hitting .125 at the time, but his two HRs and six RBIs were both tied for first on a team that really has no offense right now. Compare that to Carter, who’s hitting .136 with no home runs and just one RBI or Krauss, who, aside from last night’s game, was hitting below .150 with no power numbers at all. Alex Presley would have made sense as well. His .128 average is right there with Grossman, but his two HRs and three RBIs aren’t.

I understand the idea here. Grossman has options, and last year after being sent down, his following call-up was outstanding to the tune of a .322 average. Obviously the Astros are hoping for similar results here. Plus they don’t want to ruin his confidence, especially following his defensive mishaps. But in his last five games before being sent down, Grossman was 4-for-15 with two HRs and five RBIs.

The point is while guys like Carter, Krauss and Presley, who have very little upside compared to Grossman, are still on the roster, sending Grossman down seems a little short-sighted.

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