Washington Nationals Slugger Bryce Harper Starts Ad Campaign with Gatorade

By Dave Daniels
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper recently inked a deal to be a spokesperson for Gatorade, and you should be seeing those commercials on your television quite soon if you have not already. If you are an impatient Harper lover and also are not a fan of “clown questions”, then you might want to check out his commercial below.


Bryce’s ad centers around Gatorade Fierce, which is a sub-line of Gatorade featuring bold and intense flavors. The spot depicts Harper’s boldness and intensity on the field, and this adds a player with quite a bright future to the Gatorade roster.

Harper has probably added a nice chunk of change to his bank account, and it should be fun to see the kind of spots that Gatorade runs around him in the future. My bet is that he will do a couple crossover ads with some of the football and basketball players, but that is all conjecture on my part. As a DMV native, I have to admit that it is always nice to see one of the Washington players get a bit of national attention. I cannot remember the last high profile baseball player that Gatorade has built a campaign around, and it will be interesting to see how Gatorade Fierce sells as a result. My bet is that a lot of middle America will take to Harper over the coming months, and especially if the slugger can put together a solid season of baseball.

Thanks so much for stopping by tonight, and hope you all have a pleasant slumber out there in TV land. Actually, I guess technically it is internet land.

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