Philadelphia Phillies: Top 5 Calls by Announcer Harry Kalas

By Mike Gibson

5 Greatest Harry Kalas Calls of All Time

Harry Kalas
Getty Images

One thing about the Philadelphia Phillies this year: the team is pretty bad. With the possible exception of newcomers Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs, the announcing is even worse. That’s why plenty of Philadelphia fans took this week to mourn the passing of their late, great baseball broadcaster, Harry Kalas. This week marked five years since Kalas has been gone and his greatness is captured in these top 5 calls.

5. Bob Dernier's Inside-the-Park HR

Nobody could paint a more perfect picture of what happened on the field than Harry could. Here is proof in this description of the ball bouncing away from the outfielder that led to an inside-the-park homer in the 12th inning by former centerfielder Bob Dernier.

4. Manny Trillo’s Triple in the 1980 NLCS

Everyone who followed baseball in 1980 knew the key series was not the one against the Kansas City Royals that won it, but the comebacks by the Phillies that took the more competitive NCLS series against the Houston Astros. Kalas captures that emotion in this call.

3. “Chase Utley, You Are The Man!”

Utley was always a favorite of Harry’s for the way he played the game and this call best captures the admiration for Utley’s hustle and base-running skills.

2. Kalas Calls Final Out of 2008 WS

It’s hard to put a World Series-clinching call as No. 2, but you’ll see why in our final video next. Still, Kalas maintaining his professionalism and composure in this clip was in stark contrast to his fellow broadcaster (but not his buddy), Chris Wheeler, who lost it in the background.

1. Kalas Calls Mike Schmidt's 500th HR

From a pure emotional standpoint, this is my favorite baseball call ever. Kalas called every home run of Mike Schmidt’s career and to be able to call the 500th was the topper. You can almost hear the tears of joy rolling down Harry’s cheeks in this call. Rest in peace, Harry.

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