Colby Rasmus Belongs On Toronto Blue Jays' Trade Block

By Mike Holian
Blue Jays Colby Rasmus
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The “buy low, sell high” concept is what every team would abide by when shopping one of its players. In the case of Colby Rasmus, I’m afraid the Toronto Blue Jays have missed the boat on that opportunity. Still, that doesn’t mean this franchise can’t receive value in return; it’s time for this organization to put the lefty strikeout artist back on the trade block.

Rasmus does bring a skill set to the table, but the odds of Blue Jays fans witnessing it at full potential are dwindling with every infuriating display in the batter’s box. Everyone is haunted by old habits, but they definitely die hard when it comes to Colby, and the start of 2014 has suggested they will never be kicked to the curb.

So far this season, the center fielder has recorded a career-high 33.3 percent strikeout rate; when you combine that with his 4.5 percent walk rate, it’s easy to see how things are getting out of hand. Some would say that the season has hardly begun, but this has been a continuing trend since 2011. Small sample sizes do not apply here.

One has to wonder why Rasmus was the one selected to fill the void in the No. 2 spot while Jose Reyes was on the DL. That’s nonsense even to the naked eye. The recent performances of the Blue Jays have masked some of their dirty laundry; if any more hare-brained schemes like that come to pass, Donald Trump will be knocking on John Gibbons‘ office door sometime soon.

What overall optimism can Rasmus’ intermittent power bring to the Blue Jays’ big picture, especially if it comes attached with all the negatives? Alex Anthopoulos has been on shaky ground this season, but pulling the trigger now could net a decent return in the pitching department — even though that idea has been beaten to death.

Were the offseason rumors of Rasmus being dangled as trade bait true? With Anthopoulos holding his cards close to the vest, Jays fans might never know. However, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if those speculations are now reality. Let the auction begin.

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