Houston Astros Must Make Some Drastic Changes Immediately

By Josh Sippie
David Richard - USA TODAY Sports
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros cannot take another 100+ loss season. Despite the allure of getting another first-round pick, it would be for the fourth straight year and that’s unacceptable. It’s time for all the work the Astros have put in to start paying dividends and time is ticking. If results don’t start showing up, problems may arise.

The good news is that the Astros have already started making moves by calling up George Springer. Hopefully that’s just the first of many moves to come in an attempt to steady their already-sinking ship.

There are so many pieces on the Astros’ current roster that have to be removed. Lucas Harrell was one, and the Astros wasted no time in dropping him after a string of continuously bad starts.

Guys like Chris Carter, Marc Krauss and Alex Presley are hitting below .150 and showing no signs of shaping up. Jesus Guzman isn’t faring much better, as his average hovers just below .200. With Jon Singleton waiting in the wings and completely devouring Triple-A pitching, there is no time to waste. He cannot possibly do any worse.

Then comes the bullpen. After Chad Qualls blew an impressively played game against the Oakland Athletics, Astros fans everywhere were reminded of last year when this was an every game occurrence. Despite all the supposedly veteran relievers the Astros added in the offseason, they still have no one who’s qualified to close down games consistently. Closers by committee are a bad idea on a team with so many young starters with their confidence in a delicate situation. The Astros need to bite the bullet and make a trade to find someone who can put some faith in this wilting pitching staff.

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