Philadelphia Phillies' Ryan Howard Will Not Return to Old Form

By Kevin Davidson
Ryan Howard
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Being from and living in Philadelphia is a hard thing. I am not saying that life is easy anywhere else; I am just trying to say that in Philadelphia, it is really bad. We have a basketball team that was accused of throwing the season, an ex-convict that led our football team for a couple years, and now the Philadelphia Phillies have refused to hit the ball; when I say that, I mean most of their big bats have just refused to show up so far this year. Yes, everyone is looking at you, Ryan Howard.

In what turned into a really good game against the Colorado Rockies, Howard did actually show up today. It was a bit strange to see Howard really going out on a limb and trying drive the ball as far as he could. Howard even cracked a home run this game. Do I think that this is the beginning of a trend for Howard? Are we finally going to see Howard go back to his old form and start crushing balls?

Well, I will be blunt, because no one likes it when someone beats around the bush. There is no way that Howard is going to go back to old form. Yes, he may have a great game here and there, and Philadelphia does love him for what he has done with the Phillies, but his time is over by a long time.

He is over-paid, over-worked and just seems to be lethargic with his playing these days. Howard has had a fantastic career, but the Phillies should see that the team needs rebuilding, and they need to get another big bat in there — someone that is not Howard.

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