Toronto Blue Jays Make Wrong Move Optioning Munenori Kawasaki

By Mike Holian
Munenori Kawasaki Blue Jays
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The return of Jose Reyes was a welcome sight for the Toronto Blue Jays and their faithful, as the offense will never reach its potential with the shortstop on the shelf. Fingers can only be crossed that the injury bug doesn’t crash the party in the future, but as Jays fans realize, that may just be wishful thinking.

For now, the excitement level is back on the table; I would lay blame on the training staff for the multiple times he has headed to the DL, but this narrative has been Reyes’ shadow. In the wake of this lineup boost, a roster cut had to be made. The victim was fan favorite Munenori Kawasaki, which is unfortunate and not the wisest choice to boot.

The front office opted to keep Ryan Goins and his curiously poor plate presence (.152/.204/.378 OPS) instead. Kawasaki is by no means performing any Pete Rose impressions in his own right, but this is a case of moving forward with the most strategic chess pieces possible. The choice between the two was and remains a no-brainer. When comparing the evidence, Kawasaki mops the floor.

Batting eye, moving runners over and the clutch factor: check, check and check. Goins has made a living showcasing impressive defensive skills, but its not like Kawasaki suffers from the Chuck Knoblauch syndrome.

If this is a case of Alex Anthopoulos being unable to check his ego at the door, that can only hinder the promising beginning of this season. Perhaps a page out of Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri‘s book is needed. To add to the poor decision, it’s no secret that Kawasaki facilitates the growth of team chemistry in spades.

A platoon with Jonathan Diaz should have been the first card played. The fact that Jays fans haven’t seen the last of Kawasaki is the good news; the disappointment presented by this franchise … well, you know the rest.

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