Toronto Blue Jays: Sweep of Cleveland Indians is Vital

By Jonny Adornetto
Blue Jays
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

On a day where most are looking to gorge on chocolate and those weird things Cadbury refers to as creme eggs, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays are searching for their club’s first sweep of the 2014 regular season. The Jays have a chance to win a third-consecutive game over the Cleveland Indians, a team that is by no means easy to knock off in three-straight, especially when at home.

Staying afloat in the tough AL East revolves around a number of factors, but taking advantage of an opportunity to sweep a team in their own ballpark is an absolute must. While the rest of the division finishes off the weekend beating up on each other, the Jays look poised to stay atop the tough division with a win over the Indians. In a division like the AL East, everyone is aware that winning a series just isn’t good enough. Teams need to step up their game and blow their opponents completely out of the water when they give themselves the chance.

Heading into Easter Sunday’s final game with the Indians, the Jays need to continue looking like a more complete team. Over the past two games, the club has gotten some great performances out of their starting pitching and bullpen, and although the offense has been average at best, the batting order has proved to be clutch at certain times during the series.

Even after all of the injuries the Jays’ lineup has been forced to deal with, the club is showing that they can battle and persevere. The question is, can they handle the opportunity of completing a sweep of a three-game set, especially when on the road? If the Jays can pull off beating the Indians three times in as many games, the confidence that will be instilled into their clubhouse will be absolutely invaluable. This can single-handedly set them up for success for the rest of their 2014 campaign.

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