5 Cleveland Indians Comparisons To The Movie "Major League"

By Joe Cooper

5 Cleveland Indians Comparisons To The Movie "Major League"

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Earlier this month marked the 25th anniversary of the 1989 film "Major League”, depicting a fictional story about the Cleveland Indians' climb to relevancy. The satire featuring Charlie Sheen as “Wild Thing” is remembered not only by Cleveland fans, but as one of the greatest sports flicks of all time with box office totals peeking over million. Here are some similarities between Lou Brown’s team and the current Indians organization.

5. Tom Hamilton As Harry Doyle

The legendary radio voice has a number of signature calls much like Bob Ueker’s character Harry Doyle. Most notable are Hamilton’s strikeout calls yelling “Swing and a miss!” and Doyle’s “Juuust a bit outside.” There two old fashioned styles never shy away from ranting, teetering on the brink of uncontrollable tirades.

4. Nick Swisher As Roger Dorn

Both corner infielders maintain high social classes with their large personalities. The two’s marriages are also highly transparent as Roger Dorn’s wife is highlighted in the first movie getting mixed up with Ricky Vaughn and Swisher’s wife as a popular Hollywood actress. I would assume Dorn’s poor fielding metrics would draw similar comparisons to Swisher’s career -48.0 defensive rating as the third baseman struggled with his glove throughout the movie.

3. Scott Atchison As Eddie Harris

The two right-handed wily old veterans beat the opposition with a killer breaking ball, command and a dash of luck. Scott Atchison is 38 years old going on 45 sporting salt and pepper five o’clock shadow and a touch of gray buzz cut. These crafty hurlers are timeless, presenting an old school short arm delivery.

2. Michael Bourn As Willie Mays Hayes

The Cleveland Indians’ center fielders preserve an identical mission statement: stealing bases by birth, hitting baseballs their dearth. With movie star type names, the two scrappy outfielders headline the Wahoo bats atop the order as two emotionally charged players.

1. Jason Giambi As Jake Taylor

According to Baseball Prospectus, since the 2003 season, Jason Giambi has been listed as day-to-day 53 times with six stints on the 15-day DL and two spells on the 60-day DL. Catcher Jake Taylor can meet Giambi half way on this trend with his frail knees. Giambi will likely become a manager when he decides to call it a career, much like Taylor’s role in “Major League 2” as head skipper.

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