Boston Red Sox Give City One More Emotional Victory on Eve of Boston Marathon

By Michael Terrill
Red Sox Boston Marathon
Getty Images

Even people who don’t call themselves fans of the Boston Red Sox were glad to see the team win the World Series last year. The reason being was to give the people of one of the finest cities in America something to smile about after they endured a tragedy that shocked the nation. Boston fans couldn’t have asked for a more promising victory on the eve of the Boston Marathon than what the Red Sox delivered Sunday night.

The Red Sox were down 5-0 to the Baltimore Orioles on a night in which the organization honored the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, which took place just a little over a year ago. A five-run deficit was nothing for the world champs.

Jonny Gomes decided to embrace Boston Strong and crush a three-run home run in bottom of the sixth inning to give the Red Sox hope. Two errors by the usual defensively sound Orioles led to more runs in the seventh inning, two to be exact, which tied the game. After Dustin Pedroia doubled and the bases loaded in the ninth inning, another error haunted Baltimore’s chances and allowed Pedroia to score the winning run. Fans and players rejoiced, as everyone in attendance knew how important the victory truly was.

The 118th running of the Boston Marathon is today. Even if the Red Sox didn’t defeat the Orioles last night, the marathon would still be taking place. There would still be festivities, thousands of runners and added security. The Red Sox’s triumph is just an added bonus. It is one more reason for the participants of the marathon to know that what they are doing is great and that the entire nation has their back.

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