Russell Martin Challenging Martin Maldonado to a Charity Fight is a Terrible Idea

By Michael Terrill
Russell Martin
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Punches were thrown and feelings were hurt during the Easter Sunday brawl that occurred between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates. Various members of both teams, specifically Carlos Gomez, are awaiting likely suspensions. However, it doesn’t appear it will stop at that as far as the players are concerned.

The brawl was a result of Gomez gazing at what he thought was going to be a home run. Instead, the ball hit the top of the wall in center field, which the speedy Gomez turned into a triple. Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole took offense to the admiration, which is why he decided to chirp at Gomez. He also appeared to use vulgar language in the process. Of course, he’s denied any such thing.

All appeared to be relatively fine until the benches cleared and Travis Snider, who wasn’t even in the game, decided to get in Gomez’s face. Snider clearly used some choice words because Gomez went absolutely ballistic and began to throw punches. In the meantime, Brewers backup catcher Martin Maldonado came out of nowhere and struck Snider in the face.

Pittsburgh’s right fielder was seen Monday morning with a black eye. His teammates, in particular catcher Russell Martin, were not pleased with what they saw. That’s exactly why Martin challenged Maldonado to a charity fight in the offseason.

“Maybe (in) offseason we can raise some money for charity and battle it out. Me and (Maldonado). I’m throwing it out there,” Martin was quoted saying via Travis Sawchick’s tweet. “If (Maldonado) wants to have a fight for charity in the offseason. My contract comes up. … I’d be completely willing to do that.”

There’s no way the charity fight gets organized, even if Maldonado accepts the foolish challenge. Major League Baseball, the Brewers and the Pirates do not support fighting. The last thing anyone wants to do is set a bad example for the young fans of the game.

It should also be pointed out that Martin is an idiot for approaching such a terrible idea in the first place. The “tough guy” routine gets old fast in sports. All Martin did was prove that he’s no better than anyone who participated in the fight.

Another part of this ordeal that is ridiculous is Gomez and Maldonado taking all of the flak from the incident. It was clearly Cole who started it by complaining about how Gomez admired his triple for too long. I’m sure Cole has never celebrated after striking out a batter or making a big play for his team. The double standard is getting ridiculous. Pitchers rejoice after a big play just the same as batters do. For one to get mad at the other is ludicrous. On top of that, Gomez and Cole were somewhat calm before Snider decided to run his mouth. As much as Pirates fans don’t want to admit it, there are players at fault on both sides.

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