Albert Pujols Joins 500 Home Run Club; Nationals Fans Show Class

By Andrew Fisher
Albert Pujols 500th home run
Getty Images

Albert Pujols has been the man for a long time now. On Tuesday night, he cemented his place as one of the great long ball hitters of all time as he joined the 500 home run club.

Check out Pujols as he makes history, and as the hometown Washington Nationals fans show him some respect:

It doesn’t get much more classy than that. Pujols was definitely treated to a special moment from the Nats fans.

Pujols is the third youngest player to hit 500 home runs, with Jimmie Foxx and Alex Rodriguez* being the only two players to pass the milestone sooner.

The real question for Pujols will be — can he get all the way to the top of the all time home run list, a spot currently occupied by Barry Bonds*?

Right now, it’s a big maybe. He’s 34 and slowing down at a fairly rapid pace. The Angels obviously think he’s going to be around for a while, because they signed him to a 10-year deal, but how many years does he realistically have left? Three or four good years. Then maybe a year or two of limited action?

I’m definitely buying Pujols in the exclusive 600 home run club, maybe even 650, but 700 seems like a real stretch at this point.

Angels fans are just hoping they see a little more of the STL Albert in 2014. For now, all baseball fans should just sit back and enjoy the moment. It’s not often a PED-free guy gets into the 500 home run club these days.

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