New York Mets' Matt Harvey Needs To Stop Acting Like A Rebel

By Luis Tirado Jr.
matt harvey
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Matt Harvey sure loves to create controversy. Whether he didn’t want to come out of a game due to a bloody nose or proclaim he wants to take over where Derek Jeter left off in New York, Harvey likes to go against the grain. While most appreciate his passion and desire to win, sometimes you just have to stay quiet and let the performance on the field speak for itself.

After the Tommy John surgery that effectively sidelined him for the rest of this season, Harvey refused to listen to medical advice given to him by both Dr. James Andrews and the medical staff of the New York Mets. He actually wants to come back before the required timetable which is ludicrous. Sure, we can all respect his determination to return to the game he loves, but let’s be realistic. Why would you want to risk further setback just to play in a handful of games this year which most likely won’t mean anything? It’s best to listen to the doctors and do what you’re told rather than act like a rebel and further risk permanent injury due to ignorance.

One has to wonder just how much frustration he’s caused the Mets up to this point. It gotten to where they had to have a sit-down just to go over what exactly will happen with his rehab. They shut down all of his hopes and aspirations to return this season because it’s not in the best interest of the team and rightfully so. After all, it’s to make sure he’ll have a long healthy career.

Most recently, Harvey caused a huge controversy via his Twitter handle. He posted a picture on his six month anniversary of his TJ surgery. In this picture, he was giving the middle finger and smiling. As a professional athlete, while he probably thought it would add more to his rebel credentials, he came off as incredibly childish. Doesn’t he know children all over the country probably follow him on Twitter? Didn’t he realize he’s considered by many to be a role model due to his incredible talents as a pitcher? Harvey should have really used better judgement before he tweeted that picture.

Harvey quickly deleted his entire Twitter account just a few hours after he posted the picture. He most likely heard an earful from those who told him he should have never posted such an image that will surely go viral over the next few days. One thing is for sure: Harvey should really stay quiet, stop acting like some tough guy rebel and learn a thing or two from the athlete he wants to imitate most in New York.

After all, someone like Jeter would never do any of the things Harvey has done his first few years in the majors.

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