Pittsburgh Pirates’ Gerrit Cole Receiving No Punishment for Brawl is Outrageous


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The punishments for the brawl that took place between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates on Easter Sunday have been delivered by Major League Baseball. Four players were suspended and fined for the incident, but the person who caused the raucous got away freely, which is absolutely outrageous.

Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole was the only player of the five men who were involved in the brawl to not be punished. If Cole doesn’t verbally attack Gomez as the slugger slides into third base, the benches-clearing fight never happens. If Cole keeps his mouth shut instead of crying over someone gazing at their hit for too long, four players don’t miss games. For whatever reason, MLB decided to look past that.

The brawl was a result of Gomez admiring at what he thought was going to be a home run. Instead, the ball hit the top of the wall in center field, which the speedy Gomez turned into a triple. Cole took offense to the way Gomez left home plate, which is why he decided to give Gomez a piece of his mind. Don’t mind the fact that he clearly used vulgar language in the process, another thing MLB overlooked.

Cole yelled at Gomez, who yelled back. All appeared to be relatively fine until the benches cleared and Travis Snider, who wasn’t even in the game, decided to get in Gomez’s face. Snider clearly used some choice words because Gomez went absolutely ballistic and began to throw punches. In the meantime, Brewers backup catcher Martin Maldonado came out of nowhere and struck Snider in the face. What Maldonado did was wrong, even if he was only trying to protect his teammate.

Gomez (three games), Maldonado (five games), Snider (two games) and Pirates catcher Russell Martin (one game) all deserved to be suspended because of their involvement in the dust up. In fact, Maldonado’s five-game suspension is very reasonable considering he physically punched Snider in the face.

As much as the four men deserved to be suspended, allowing Cole to join his team on Tuesday is ridiculous. MLB is basically saying that if you start the fight, you’re fine. But if you are late to the party then you better prepare to be fined.

Pitchers rejoice after a big play just the same as batters do. For one to get mad at the other is ludicrous. Cole celebrates after he gets a big strikeout the same way that a hitter watches his impressive hit. The only difference is the batters are the ones who always take flak because major-league pitchers are incredibly sensitive, unless it’s they who have reason to celebrate.

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  • Zach Morrison

    I generally agree with a lot of what you said, Michael, but if Gomez would stop trying to reach Brandon Phillips-like show boating skills, this wouldn’t have happened. Cole didn’t start this. Good read, though.

    • Michael Terrill

      Thanks for the read. Gomez does watch some of his hits, but how is that different than what players do in any game on any given night? How is it that pitchers can celebrate their strikeouts by pumping their fist and screaming into their glove but batters have to remain calm when they record a big hit?

      Cole did start the altercation. All he had to do was ignore Gomez and return to the mound. I’m not saying what Gomez did was right. He definitely needs to control his anger. But let’s be honest, what was he supposed to do? Let Cole yell at him like that? Absolutely not. Gomez and Snider took it to a level that Cole never
      intended, but to sit there and pretend Cole is innocent is ridiculous. He started yelling. If he hadn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Plain and simple.

      • Zach Morrison

        I never said Cole was innocent, just that the entire incident could’ve been avoided if Gomez didn’t show off. I’m not just targeting Gomez. If a hitter wants to pimp home runs or whatever, he should be ready for the pitcher to say something to him. We can agree to disagree obviously, that’s just my opinion.

        • Michael Terrill

          It could have been avoided if Gomez didn’t show off. It also could have been avoided if Cole didn’t run his mouth.

          Hitters can barely show emotion after a big hit, but pitchers are allowed to pump their fist in excitement after a big strikeout. It’s a double standard.

          I’m not saying that Gomez shouldn’t have been suspended. All four guys who were punished deserved it. What makes me angry is that Cole is the one who started hollering at Gomez and he was allowed to stay in the ball game. On top of that, he doesn’t get fined for essentially igniting the brawl.

          Yes, I understand Cole doesn’t get mad at Gomez if Gomez never stares after the triple. But the fight never occurs if Cole says his two cents and walks back to the mound. What makes me even angrier is that Snider only gets a one game suspension even though if he doesn’t try to get in Gomez’s face, the brawl never happens.

          I appreciate the read and comments. I also respect your stance on this topic.