Angels' Albert Pujols Called His 500th Home Run, Becomes Legend For Calling Shot

By Connor Muldowney
Albert Pujols
Getty Images

It was the perfect evening for a baseball game. Nice weather, two great teams going at it and history on the line. Albert Pujols stepped to the plate, pointed to the outfield bleachers and then hit his 500th home run. Okay, the last part was made up, but little do people know, the Los Angeles Angels‘ slugger did call both his 499th and 500th home on Tuesday night.

Pujols reportedly told his teammates before the game on Tuesday night against the Washington Nationals that he would go for two home runs and five RBI. What did he do? Well, he went for two homers and five RBI just like he called — is anyone surprised?

All of this is according to Erick Aybar and Mike Trout, however, so we don’t know the exact truth unless Pujols comes out himself and admits to calling his shots.

This just adds to the legend that is Albert Pujols. Being nicknamed “The Machine” in his St. Louis Cardinals days earned him the right to be the coolest guy in baseball. There’s something about Pujols that makes people like him and root for him. Whether it’s his modesty or his natural ability, Pujols will always be known as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

As for being like Babe Ruth, the baseball legend also called his shot before a home run he hit in the 1932 World Series by pointing his bat toward the center field bleachers.

This kind of stuff never gets old and Albert Pujols is finally playing like his old self.

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