Chicago Cubs Blow Wrigley Field Birthday Celebration In Typical Fashion

By Andrew Fisher
Chicago Cubs
Getty Images

Heartbreak is nothing new to Chicago Cubs fans. Anyone who’s watched the team for more than a few games has surely had their heart broken on multiple occasions.

Wednesday at Wrigley Field was supposed to be all about celebrating. The legendary home of the Cubs turned 100 and many Chicago sports icons were out to commemorate the event.

The celebration unfortunately ended in more heartbreak for Cubs fans.

You couldn’t really script a worse ending to game three of the Cubs four-game series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Chicago had a three run lead entering the ninth inning, but somehow managed to be down two by the time they hit in the bottom half.

It all started when Starlin Castro botched a ground ball up the middle that could have been two outs. The speedy Tony Campana was headed to first on the play, so it certainly wasn’t an automatic double play, but it was a play that should have at least been one.

After Castro’s error, it all came unglued. The horrible ninth was capped by Justin Ruggiano failing to catch a fly ball and the D-backs subsequently taking the lead. Ruggiano was injured after running into the bullpen mound and had to be helped off the field.

All in all, the ending to Wrigley’s 100th birthday celebration couldn’t have been more Cubs-like. They blew a sizable lead in the ninth and left their ace still winless on the year.

The good news is that the Lovable Losers have a chance to pick up their first series win of 2014 tomorrow in the finale against Arizona.

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