Michael Pineda Dumb For Cheating With Pine Tar Again, Gets Ejected

By RantSports Staff
Michael Pineda
Getty Images

Michael Pineda has got to be the dumbest pitcher in all of MLB. Less than two weeks ago he was caught with pine tar on his hand. The incident got everyone in the baseball world talking about whether or not pine tar for extra grip is cheating. Some will say that everyone does it.

Well, Pineda wasn’t afraid to use it again. Check out the brave/stupid pitcher as he was once again caught using pine tar. This time, it was on his neck!

pineda pine tar


ESPN cameras caught the dark spot on Pineda’s neck and shortly thereafter Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell came out to argue. After a quick meeting with the pitcher on the mound, Pineda was tossed.

Some will call him brave. Some will call him stupid. But no matter your opinion, it’s just unbelievable. Did he really think no one would notice?

Maybe in the non-HD camera era something like this would have flown under the radar. But with the amazing shots that camera crews pick up today, he had no chance at getting away with cheating again.

Is pine tar for grip that big of a deal? No. It’s not even close to being in the same league as gambling on baseball or using PEDs. But to just blatantly disregard MLB rules and act like the incident a couple weeks ago never happened, is nothing short of astounding.

Pineda deserved to be ejected and he should no doubt be suspended in the near future. Hopefully, Bud Selig doesn’t go easy on him so he’ll finally knock it off.

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