Colorado Rockies: Loss In Extras Provides Glimpse Of Inevitable Season Outcome

By Jim Heath
Walt Weiss Charlie Blackmon
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After 21 seasons of watching Colorado Rockies baseball, I have decided there is one thing the fan base can count on from season to season – they will break your heart. By no means do I believe it to be intentional, but it is certainly inevitable.

I understand in the long scheme of baseball history the Rockies and their fans are still rather new guests to the proverbial dinner table. Therefore by no means am I trying to put the heartache of the Rockies fan base in the same legendary and historic perspective of the Boston Red Sox‘s once “Curse of the Bambino” or the perpetual anguish of Chicago Cubs fans.

But a broken heart is still a broken heart and the Rockies will do it to you.

In the midst of an incredible start to the 2014 season, I was grounded. When the Rockies fell in extras to the San Francisco Giants Wednesday, I was reminded. There are undeniable certainties when it comes to baseball: the crack of the bat and the color of the field is always better live, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” never gets old, the peanuts are always hot and most certain of all – without effective pitching and bullpen depth you will never win championships.

Remember when Mickey said to Rocky Balboa, “You’re all heart, Rock?” The same can be said of the ball club that calls 20th and Blake home. This team has heart and they simply play outside of themselves. They play outside themselves because that is what manager Walt Weiss brings to the table. There are leaders you respect, others you fear and then there is that rare group of leaders that men will run through walls for. Weiss is in the latter category.

Unfortunately motivation only goes so far in professional sports and eventually the 162-game schedule demands more. Somewhere between the Rockies 5 -1 lead following the second inning and their 12 – 10 loss in the 11th I couldn’t help but think this game was symbolic of how the Rockies season will unfortunately transpire.

Of course October is a lifetime away in baseball years and there is a trade deadline thrown in there. Just maybe this is the season the Rockies add instead of shed at the deadline adding depth that could make a post season push realistic. I’m sure the probability of that is somewhere between slim and none, but one can certainly dream.

In the mean time the current ride remains enjoyable and the Rockies are without question one of the most entertaining clubs in baseball. Plus, maybe it is just temporary, but for now the Rockies are smack dab in the fight for the NL West.

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