Diamondbacks Finally Showing Some Life

By Chad Cramer
Diamondbacks Celebrate Win
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night in the top of the ninth, it looked as if the Arizona Diamondbacks would drop to 5 and 19. Down 3 to the Chicago Cubs, a Martin Prado 2-RBI single sparked a run that gave the Diamondbacks a 7 to 5 victory. This win gave Arizona something to hold on to, and maybe, gave them a bit of momentum.

Whatever momentum they had carried in to today, as they came out with a 5 to 2 over Chicago in the series finale. The pitching was great (finally), and the offense got some key hits going 3 for 6 with runners in scoring position. They were able to play Arizona Diamondback baseball by grinding out a toughly fought victory.

While they may have only gotten two wins out of the Cubs, those two wins were vital, and came at a great time. In picking up two consecutive wins, they have built some momentum going into the series against the Phillies on Friday. Arizona has come to a part of the schedule which they need to fully take advantage of. Their next nine games are played against the Phillies, Rockies, and the Padres.

If Arizona wants to have any chance of even finishing .500, they need to come out firing against this relatively easy slate of teams. After the Padres however, the Diamondbacks are hampered with facing the red-hot Brewers, as well as the Nationals, Dodgers, and Cardinals all within a span of 17 days.

If you are a Diamondbacks fan, don’t give up all hope yet. Arizona seems to finally be putting it all together, and though they will still probably not make the playoffs, they are starting to play much better baseball.

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