First Pitch Video Shows Nick Young (Swaggy P) Should Probably Stick to Basketball

By RanterX

There’s a reason why the Los Angeles Lakers bank on making the NBA playoffs each year: Their players are guaranteed to stay out of the headlines during the months of April and May. When the Lake Show failed to qualify for the postseason this year, Nick Young (a.k.a. “Swaggy P”) decided to make appearances at the games of other L.A.-area sports teams and the latest such outing didn’t turn out well. The video above of his first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ game on Wednesday speaks for itself.

Young threw the ball so far over the mound that it would have made it into the 10th row of the stands had it not been for the backstop net. This man — a professional athlete who gets paid over $1 million per year to play basketball — hurled a baseball at least twice the necessary distance for a “ceremonial” first pitch. Sure, a basketball is a lot bigger than a baseball and the two sports couldn’t be any different, but he’s a professional athlete. He could have at least gotten the ball within three feet of his target.

So here’s a word of advice for Swaggy P (besides dropping that terrible nickname): Don’t drive the Zamboni at the Los Angeles Kings game (Tuesday night’s clown show) and only go to Dodgers games as a spectator.

We never thought we’d say this, but we hope the Lakers make the playoffs next year only so stuff like this doesn’t happen again.

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