Joe Girardi Stands Up For Team Privacy, Files Protest Over ESPN Camera

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Girardi
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rough Wednesday for the New York Yankees. Not only did they lose to the Boston Red Sox 5-1, they were also embarrassed by Michael Pineda‘s blatant cheating on the mound for the second time in less than two weeks.

On top of the on-field action, the Yankees also had an incident in the dugout. Joe Girardi was seen turning ESPN’s camera around after the operator tried to get a shot of Pineda in the tunnel.

Obviously in today’s age of social media, this incident quickly got people talking.

Girardi and the Yankees were still not happy after the game, and have since filed a protest. The team believes MLB will not be happy about ESPN trying to go into the tunnel.

“If I’m going to get fined for that, I’ll have a real problem with that. If I really was going to tear up the camera, I would have tore it up. I was just trying to get it from being in the tunnel.” said the Yankees skipper after the game.

Like the Yankees or not, they’re right about this. Cameras have no place going beyond the dugout. There is such a thing as player and team privacy and what goes on behind the scenes, is none of the fans’ business.

Hopefully MLB will have a talk with ESPN about their camera operators and where they’re allowed to shoot. Some things just need to be kept sacred and anything beyond an MLB dugout falls into that category.

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