Michael Pineda Gets Suspension of 10 Games, Should be Longer

By Connor Muldowney
Michael Pineda
Getty Images

After one of the dumbest mistakes in MLB history, New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda has been suspended for 10 games by the league. What exactly did Pineda do that made him one of the worst rule-breakers in baseball? No, it wasn’t performance-enhancing drugs, but rather pine tar.

Sure, many MLB players have come out and said people use pine tar all the time to get a better grip of the ball, but the fact that Pineda denied using it a couple weeks ago during a start even though it was on his hand makes this second offense even more embarrassing.

The pitcher denied use of the substance that enhances the grip on the ball and was caught just days later using it once again.

A couple weeks ago, cameras spotted a light brown-ish substance on Pineda’s hand and camera’s panned in on it to see exactly what it was. It was glistening and did not look to be dirt like the pitcher claimed after the game, but nothing was done to punish him.

However, on Wednesday evening, he was caught once again with a substance that resembled the one from a week before, but this time he accidentally — or so it seemed — wiped his hand on his neck, revealing the substance for all to see.

The glistening mark on his neck was a clear indication of pine tar usage and he was ejected immediately.

This was the second dumb mistake on his part and he’s the idiot who denied the fact that he used the substance, but got caught just days later doing the same thing. Unbelievable.

That type of stupidity should lengthen the suspension to about 20 games.

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