MLB Rumors: Yasiel Puig Movie Possible, Would be Quite Strange

By Connor Muldowney
Yasiel Puig
Getty Images

Making a splash in the big leagues wasn’t easy for Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder, Yasiel Puig. The Cuban-born ballplayer was forced to escape his home country in order to make an appearance in MLB — the whole story is dark and came about early this month.

It was revealed a couple weeks ago that Puig was forced to escape Cuba in order to pursue his dreams of playing in MLB. According to the story from Los Angeles magazine, Puig struck a deal with a small-time criminal from Miami, Raul Pacheco, who was willing to pay smugglers $250,000 to sneak Puig out of Cuba in order to receive 20 percent of Puig’s future contract money.

Apparently things got a bit twisted when Pacheco seemed almost unwilling to talk to the smugglers once the process began and they threaten to take a machete to the baseball star.

While this is something of a crazy story and almost unbelievable that it’s how we got to see Puigmania in the United States.

Well, producer Brett Radner has bought the rights to the story from Los Angeles magazine in order to make a movie about it — at least attempt to make a movie on it.

Why do I say attempt?

Puig seems pretty unwilling to give his side of the story in this matter and why should he sit down and talk about one of the darkest times in his life in order for all to see/hear?

This producer is clearly barking up the wrong tree — maybe it’s just too early for a movie on Puig.

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