Olympian Meghan Duggan Makes Fun of Michael Pineda Before First Pitch

By Andrew Fisher
Meghan Duggan
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Anything is possible when the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees. Everyone knows the two teams don’t like each other and their fans probably take the hate to another level. On Thursday night it wasn’t so much about hate, it was all about trolling.

The picture above is of Meghan Duggan, a member of the US women’s hockey team. She’s a Massachusetts native and was invited to throw out the first pitch before Thursday’s game between the Sox and Yanks.

As you can see, she just couldn’t help herself.

On first glance it looks like she’s taking her pulse. But then it becomes clear — she’s reaching for some ‘pine tar’. It’s a move that’s now been made infamous by Michael Pineda. The Yankees hurler has of course been caught twice us in the last two weeks using pine tar for extra grip on his pitches. He’s since been suspended for 10 games.

Even if you’re a die hard Yankees fan you have to tip your cap to Duggan on this occasion. That’s just a funny move on her part and she’s brought joy to many in Bean Town. If the Yankees don’t want to get made fun of, they should tell their pitchers to be a little more discreet when they cheat.

It’s not a big deal that Pineda uses a little pine tar, but it’s a big deal because he’s so moronic about it. On your neck? Really? That’s definitely a c’mon man.

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