Rays Manager Joe Maddon Uses Awesome Marijuana Reference Regarding Pine Tar

By Connor Muldowney
Joe Maddon
Getty Images

As we all know by now, New York Yankees‘ pitcher Michael Pineda was caught using pine tar on Wednesday night to get a better grip on the ball. It was a controversial event because he was pictured with it on his hand just weeks earlier — and he denied it. Now, the quirky Joe Maddon has decided to chime in on the event.

The Tampa Bay Rays‘ manager is known to be pretty far out there and this statement that he made via Twitter was the perfect example of his oddball personality — but it was awesome at the same time:

In case you didn’t pick up on the joke, Washington and Colorado are the two states who have legalized marijuana and Maddon wants to legalize pine tar in the same way. Some people didn’t pick up on the joke and said such things like “pitching isn’t the Mariners problem.”

The Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies make a great stomping ground for the legalization of the currently-banned substance that Pineda used to get a solid grip on an otherwise slick baseball.

Everyone should automatically follow Maddon for this because this is just a small tidbit of the kind of stuff he tweets about on a regular basis.

If there is one guy in the league who doesn’t care what people think and just says whatever’s on his mind, it’s Maddon.

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