Time For Sammy Sosa To Come Clean, Bury Hatchet With Chicago Cubs

By Andrew Fisher
Sammy Sosa
Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs celebrated 100 years of Wrigley Field without Sammy Sosa. As much as he meant to the franchise during the 90s and early 2000s, I believe Chicago made the right call to not invite him. There are too many things still unaddressed from his playing days for him to be welcomed back to the Cubs family.

Mainly, it’s in regards to his alleged PED use and poor ending to his Cubs career.

Here’s a statement the former slugger gave to the Chicago Tribune on the matter:

“I saw the celebration at Wrigley Field and I thought they did a wonderful job honoring the ballpark. I would have been humbled and delighted to have been included…It has been 10 years since I played my last game with the Cubs. That’s a lot of time to not have had a conversation about this.”

It has been 10 long years. In that time the Cubs have barely mentioned his name. Why? Because he’s on one of baseball’s worst lists — the steroid list.

Sosa was named in the Mitchell report, but has never fully acknowledged taking banned substances during his playing career. Why he still hasn’t taken that step after 10 long years away from the Cubs is beyond me. He’s not fooling anyone. Fans know he was juicing, they just want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Mark McGwire finally manned up a few years back. Numerous other cheaters have manned up and let their reputation take the PED hit, but Sosa has just kept to himself since retiring from the game.

If he wants back in the Cubs family he’s going to have to step up and issue a statement and also bury the hatchet with any former team/organization members he has beef with. Those two things should get him back in good favor with the Cubs.

It still might take a couple years after he owns up for the dust to settle. But it’s just hard to see Sosa never being welcomed back to Chicago at some point down the road.

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