Baltimore Orioles' Record Means Very Little, Fans Need to Relax

By David Atlas
Orioles fans
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The Baltimore Orioles are off to a 12-12 start in the 2014 season, and with just a few games remaining in April, is that a cause for concern? Is being a .500 club acceptable in Baltimore anymore?

Obviously not. Not too many years ago the Orioles were dreadful and the fans and the team alike just wanted to be competitive, but being competitive is no longer acceptable in Baltimore. The team expects to compete for the World Series and the fans expect it too.

While the Orioles as a team are remaining relatively calm, the fanbase certainly is not; some fans are acting like the Orioles are quickly falling out of contention. While the team’s lack of consistency is very irritating, baseball is a long season and plenty of things will change between now and the end of September. A perfect example of how quickly things can change is this week’s series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If the Orioles can get hot against the Pirates this week and sweep the short two-game series, Baltimore will have finished the month of April with a very respectable 14-12 record and could be tied for first-place with the New York Yankees in the AL East.But if the Pirates play like it’s 1971, the O’s could find themes in dead-last in the AL East with a subpar 12-14 record for the month of April. Do you see what I mean? Two games could completely swing the perception of where the Orioles stand. In August two games likely wouldn’t have that same effect, and for that reason people need to relax and let the season play itself out.

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